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The Masai warriors were from the areas of Kikuyu and Akamba. These tribes were especially known for their struggle "poor", a fight used for combat.
"As for the martial arts from Africa, this was one of those traditions exported to the United States. It 'hard to have qualeche news of more truth about it, but for sure, there were many similarities and similtudini which drew over time a passing resemblance.
This art has many links with religious factors particularly influential in some places in the United States - to have a certain connection with religious rites. Resembles somewhat the Indonesian Silat.
There are some video of African martial arts for sale, from someone who calls himself a Guro of this art. Still lack reliable information on its current development.


Maasai Warriors VS Pride of Lions


Masai Warriors Dancing Singing and Jumping


Maasai Warrior Dance (Kenya)


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Masai Warrior Tradition


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