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Fencing Zulu, also called O Zulu impi in South Africa, is a set of self-defense techniques that in the past was considered glorious. This type of combat,     performed with the stick, was and is today run by few professionals struggle is part of some communities Zulu and reflects the history and traditions even if he can not     It is performed by many because of the difficulties. In this tutorial, I would teach some self defense techniques of fencing Zulu.

Shaka, the founder of the Zulu shields, drew some self defense techniques that are the basis of this kind of fight. The first move of self-defense is called the blow of the shield of the Zulu warrior. Used in ancient times as a defensive move, with a real shield, this defense technique allowed the warrior to move, with a movement from right to left, with his shield shield opponent.
In this way, the Zulu warrior could simply open up a gap in the defense and hit him in the left side (as shown) with the iKiwa. The iKiwa is a long, wide blade used in fencing Zulu to hit the enemy.


Zulu Stick Fighting


Zulu Stick Fighting


Zulu Stick Fight


Zulu stick fighting


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