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Evala is a form of traditional wrestling practised mainly by the Kabyé of northern Togo, in West Africa. Competitors meet yearly at a festival following a retreat marking the initiation of young men into adulthood.
Evala is the penultimate element of this initiation rite, during which young men are separated from their families for one week, residing in special huts where they are fed and subject t mental training. Prior to wrestling, participants go on a pilgrimage which involves climbing three mountains; those who do not complete it are not initiated into adulthood. Although wrestlers are initiated regardless of whether they win or not, losing is considered shameful to the family name. The last of these initiation rites is circumcision.

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Two fighters compete in a circular ring, in more formal events bound by sand bags. Each fighter attempts to eject the other from the ring, though they can win by knocking the other off their feet or onto all fours.
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TOGO: evala 2011 par En terre Togolaise (agence de tourisme)


Le EVALA à Kara (TOGO) - 24/07/2012


DE´FI #4 au Togo : Combat de Lutte traditionnelle Evala à Kara


Togo Ceremony of Evala


Evala 2014: "David" y a cru, mais cette fois-ci, c'est "Goliath"...


Evala 2009 au Togo(Kaniamboua).avi.AVI


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