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Bangladesh is home of various martial arts. Boli Khela, Lathi Khela are very popular and historic martial arts in Bangladesh. Other martial arts are mainly hybrid.
The genesis of Bangladeshi martial arts has been attributed to the need for protect villagers from Zamindar. During British period, lathial groups were sent to forcefully collect taxes from villagers.
The farmers and youth people also made their lathial group to defend the zamidars lathial group. In the char (shoal) lands, people still take possession of chars through stick fights.
Lathi khela is a traditional martial art of Bangladesh that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks and other weapons.
Lathi made by bamboo and other materials. Lathi khelateaches self-defense with sticks. One who specialized himself in wielding lathi and who lived on the martial art came to be known as lathial.
The Lathial Bahini (group of lathials)performed various acts on the Eid or Puja occasion. Lathi Khela have a remarkable history but the popularity is on the wane now.

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