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Boli Khela or Bali Khela (Bengali: বলীখেলা) is a traditional form of wrestling in Bangladesh, particularly popular in the Chittagong area considered as a national game of the district. It is a form of combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. It is one of the oldest traditions of the Chittagong. The sporting event, held in the first month of the Bangla year, always takes place at Laldighi Maidan.
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The event started at afternoon in a festive mood with the music of 'Dabor' (one kind of folk drum)and 'Sanai' (folk flute). Time of the each match is 2530 minutes. If both competitors agree, the length of the final match may be extended up to 1015 minutes.
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boli khela,,aeochia satkania


Boli khela -Xtreem Fight


Jobbarer boli khela


Jabbarer Boli Khela in Lal Deghi, Chittagong - 1


Jabbarer Boli Khela in Lal Deghi, Chittagong - 2


Historical D C Shaheb er Boli Khela Cox'sBazar


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