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Is a Southern Chinese martial art which originated in Fujian (福建) province and is now practiced throughout the world. According to oral traditions, the creation of this style is attributed to Fang QiniŠng, a female martial artist. The characteristics of this style are deep rooted stances, intricate hand techniques and fighting mostly at close range as if to imitate a pecking bird. The flying crane style however has a greater amount of long range techniques although it too does prefer close quarters hand oriented combat, which simulates the flapping of the wings. Some white crane styles also use a great variety of traditional weapons whereas others have discontinued practice with ancient weaponry.
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Fujian White Crane is an imitative-style of Shaolin Boxing based on the characteristics of the Taiwanese Crane. An entire system of fighting was developed based on the observations of their movement, fighting abilities and spirit. There are five other famous animals of Shaolin Boxing: the Tiger, Monkey, Leopard, Snake and Dragon, as well as lesser known ones such as Dog, Deer, Bear, etc.
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Bai He Quan 白鹤拳 technique


7 Steps 3 Battles


Fukien Tai Chor Koon


Yong Chun White Crane


永春白鹤拳实用法门 Yong Chun White Crane Fist Applications


13 Shaking Steps


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