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Chuōjiǎo(Chinese: 戳腳; literally: "poking foot")
Is a Chinese martial art that comprises many jumps, kicks, and fast fist sequences. The fist and feet work in unison and strike continuously forward, like “falling meteorites”, never giving the opponent a moment to recover. The qinggong portion of this style's training involves a practitioner jumping against a wall with heavy weights affixed to his/her calves. This style is practiced mainly in central Hebei, northern China, Beijing and Liaoning in North-eastern China.
Chuōjiǎo originated in the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127) and became popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368–1911).

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After Master Zhao Canyi (赵灿益), Chuojiao has evolved into many branches such as those below:
Liu Family Chuojiao
Was spread throughout Li County, so much so that a large proportion of the county can practice some aspects of Chuojiao even until today. Liu Guanlan taught third generation Guo Gexi, Liu Songlin, Liu Zhenguo, Li Gepu and Liu Zhenjiang. Liu Family Chuojiao is representative of Lixian Chuojiao or Hebei Chuojiao. Current Representatives include Zhang Shuanglong, Wang Zhiyi, Zhang Xiaowang, Liu Zhenmin, Liu Xuehui and Cui Linsheng.

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Ancient Chuo Jiao (1of4)


Ancient Chuo Jiao (2of4)


Ancient Chuo Jiao (3of4)


Chuo Jiao - Master Zhou jingxuan


Chuo Jiao Form


Chuo Jiao


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