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Fut Gar or Buddhist Style
Is a relatively modern Southern Shaolin style of Kung Fu devised primarily from the combination of Hung Ga 洪家 and Choi Ga 蔡家 kung fu. The style utilizes mostly punches, palm strikes and low kicks, further characterized by evasive footwork, circular blocks and using the opponent's force against him/her.
The words "Fut Ga" literally translate to "Buddha Family". The word "Ga" in Cantonese means family. This name has been synonymous with the martial arts practiced in the Southern Shaolin Temple in Fujian, and used as an ambiguous term for their skills.
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Fut Ga training includes self-defense, hei (qi) gung, weapons, traditional forms, exercises for health, philosophy and meditation, inner strength, discipline, and confidence. Offensive techniques in Fut Ga are diverse and include wide, circular hook punches and hammer fists. Evasive footwork and circular blocks are some of the defensive techniques used. Benefits of Fut Ga training include: strong fighting theory; short- to medium-range attacks; maneuverability and footwork; heavy focus on hand techniques; flexibility of techniques for all body types.
The Fut Ga style traditionally had three empty-hand sets and nine weapons. The empty hand sets are:
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