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Kwong Sai Jook Lum tradition mentions that the people of the Pearl River Delta once referred to the Southern Praying Mantis style as "Hakka Kuen" (Chinese: 客家拳; pinyin: Kjia qun "Hakka Fist"), a term that was initially linked to the Southern martial arts practised by the Hakka community of inland eastern Guangdong and later applied to the skills that are practised by oversea Hakka communities. The reason for this was the close association of this style with the Hakka community.
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Like other Southern Chinese martial arts, Southern Praying Mantis is characterized by a strong stance, powerful waist and fast, heavy forearms and quick hand movements. The essences of the style is captured in various poetry and mnemonic aids.
Training includes a variety of solo forms, pair practise, and weapon practise. The name and type of form will vary between branches. In Circular Tong Long (a version of Chow Gar Tong Long under the direction of Henry Sue in Australia), the form structures are as follows.

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Hakka Li Gar Kuen


Hakka Kuen Kung-fu Martial Arts 客家拳 功夫 武術


客家大棚狮之客家拳Hakka Fist Demonstrations


客家洪拳 - 猴子洗面Hakka Fist- Monkey washes his Face


Hakka Keilun Qilin Kung Fu Applications 2


客家拳刘家教-十字双刀Hakka Kuen Double Broadswords


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