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Wong Hon-Wing was for a very long time considered Master Wong Yan-Lam's number one student and was his sole official representative. It was Wong Hon-Wing who began using the name Haap Ga Kyuhn based upon his teacher's nickname and the recommendation of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. As Wong Yan-Lam grew older, he also gave Wong Hon-Wing more and more responsibility for running the schools. Eventually, Wong Yan-Lam announced that he had retired and returned to his native village.
In the period immediately following, Wong Hon-Wing opened several more schools exclusively under his own name and developed quite a reputation among the southern martial arts community. Haap Ga Kyuhn became generally associated with Wong Hon-Wing's own version of the style.

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Taolu forms of this style are: Shier zhi qiao (十二支桥); Xiao e Da Luohanquan (小 and 大罗汉拳); Hu he xiangdou (虎鹤相斗); Xiajia dandao (侠家单刀); Zuoba qiang (左把枪); Jiudian shisan qiang xiang gun (九点十三枪响棍); Huanglong gun (黄龙棍, yellow sragon staff).
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