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Jing Wu Men or Jing Wu
Is an international martial arts organisation founded in Shanghai, China, on July 7, 1910, but some sources cite dates in 1909.Its name is also spelled in many other ways throughout the world - Ching Mo, Chin Woo, Ching Mou, Ching Wu, Jing Mo, Jing Wo, Jing Wu - but all of them are based on the same two Chinese characters - jing wu (Chinese: 精武; pinyin: Jing Wu; Wade–Giles: Ching Wu; Jyutping: Zing1 Mou5). It has at least 59 branches based in 22 or more countries worldwide, where it is usually known as an "athletic association" or "federation".
Jing Wu was founded as the Jing Wu Athletic Association (simplified Chinese: 精武体育会; traditional Chinese: 精武體育會; pinyin: Jingwu Tiyùhuì) in Shanghai, China in the early 20th century. Many sources, including the official websites of its branches in various countries, claim that Jing Wu was founded by the martial artist Huo Yuanjia, who died not long after its establishment. Jing Wu was actually founded by a committee of persons, including members of the Tongmenghui, such as Chen Qimei, Nong Zhu, and Chen Tiesheng. Due to Huo's popularity and recent death, the committee had decided that he should be the "face" of Jing Wu, resulting in his strong association with it.
After Jing Wu was founded, a number of prominent martial artists in China at that time were invited to teach there. They include: Chen Zizheng (陳子正), Eagle Claw master; Luo Guangyu (羅光玉), Seven Star Praying Mantis master; Geng Jishan (耿繼善), Xingyi master; Wu Jianquan, founder of Wu-style taijiquan, ; and Zhao Lianhe (趙連和), a master of the Northern Shaolin, became Chief Instructor after Huo Yuanjia's death.[citation nee

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