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Jow Ga Kung Fu Chinese: 周家) (aka Zhou Jia)
Is a form of Kung Fu. It was founded by Jow Lung who was born in 1891, on the eleventh day of the third lunar month (April 16, 1891) in Sa Fu Village of the Canton Province, and died in 1919. His father was Jow Fong Hoy and his motherís maiden name was Li. At the time of its inception, this particular style of Kung Fu was labeled as having the head of Hung Gar, the tail of Choy Gar and the patterns of the tiger and leopard, or simply Hung Tao Choy Mei. It was so labeled because the essential techniques incorporated the muscular and mighty movements of Hung Gar and the swift footwork and complex kicking of Choy Gar, making it a very effective form of self defense with emphasis on simultaneous attack and defense.

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Primary (Seen as Core Jow Gar Forms)
Siu Fook Fu Kuen - Small Tiger (小伏虎拳) - The oldest and foundation form of Jow-Ga, teaching the primary fundamental techniques that are essential in order to master the system. Almost all the stances and the majority of techniques are contained here. Hung Gar origins are obvious.
Dai Fook Fu Kuen - Big Tiger (大伏虎拳) - An advanced form used to practise strong stances. Usually a number of movements are done in one stance before moving. The first part (the longer part of the form) trains some Chi Kung and also the Kiu (Bridge, 橋) representing Hung Gar.

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中外周田 - 左右伏虎 Jow Ga Kung Fu


Jow Ga Kung Fu 美國周家功夫體育協會- 張大力...


Jow Ga Kung Fu - PuDao 扑刀 - 女刀王 李惠敏 Tammy Lee


Jow Ga kung fu - Small Tiger form


Jow Gar Kung Fu - Man Chi Kuen


Jow Ga kung fu - Broadsword


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