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Luohan quan (Chinese: 罗汉拳)
Also known as "Arhat boxing", literally means "Buddhist Saint Kung Fu". Luohan style is the oldest and the representative style of Shaolin Kung Fu, so that the name Luohan quan is considered an equal name for the whole vast system of Shaolin Temple martial arts. The original roots of Luohan style date back to the early eras of Shaolin temple. In Shaolin temple, there are various Luohan styles. Directly or indirectly based on Shaolin Luohan styles, many Luohan-related styles have been developed in many areas of northern and southern China. Shaolin Luohan 18 hands and Luohan quan are always praised as the root styles based on which most the other styles have been created.

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A mythical story states that Bodhidharma, while visiting the Shaolin Temple taught the monks a series of exercises. Whether this story is right or wrong, based on Buddhist teachings, by observing and imitating the forms and expressions of Arhat statues in the temple, meditation and practice, those ancient exercises later evolved into a combat form called "18 hands of Luohan" (Chinese: 罗汉十八手), which is the oldest documented, systematized style of Shaolin Kung Fu. According to the historical official text of Shaolin temple, "Shaolin Kung fu Manual" (Chinese: 少林拳谱), in the Sui dynasty (581-618 AD) Shaolin monks had a selected set of 18 simple movements; until the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD)
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