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Mian Quan (literally "Cotton Fist")
Is a northern Chinese martial arts style which most likely originated in the province of Hebei. There is no definite given record of the creator or origin of the style. The theory for this style is that defense becomes offense and softness turns to hardness, and the practitioner's attacks always follow after the opponent's. Soft attacks gain the upper hand for a practitioner and sets up the opponent for a harder, more dominant array of movements. It was one of the wushu styles demonstrated at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany.

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The style is simple to use as it does not require advanced movements such as grappling, therefore only using punches and kicks. Mian Quan requires balanced posture, with the majority of the body relaxed and a short-range attack span.
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Mian Quan


Mr Luo - Mian Quan


中華古傳陳式太極拳-綿拳chen style mian quan


迷蹤-綿掌拳 Mizong-Mian Zhang Quan


mian zhang apps 1


Mian Zhang 绵掌 (Soft Palm Kung Fu)


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