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The term Pak Hok Pai (白鶴派, Baihepai) the Cantonese language means style white crane and one of the styles of Kung fu.
Initially, the original name of the style was Ji Hao You (狮子吼, Shizihou), or the Lion's Roar, was so called because it was linked to the Buddhist conception of the birth of the Buddha who was born when he held a hand up to the sky and a resting on the heart, thus recalling the jaws of a lion, while emitting the characteristic sound "OM" remembering precisely the roar.

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The system initially was based on eight fundamental techniques of arms in an attempt to use simple and effective methods, similar to those seen by the white crane use to defend themselves. I Ta To transmitted his knowledge to monaco Dolokatan which maintaining the basic philosophy redesigned movements increasing complexity bringing to 10 the techniques of arms by including leg techniques. The style is characterized by movements of long arms and powerful, a very lively footwork. In practice it is used evasive movement of the torso.
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