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The term Ta Fang Tao (Da Feng Dao) means a set of methods and practices (source even esoteric) including the traditional martial art created by the merger between those that its creator, Liu Xi Fong, had evaluated were the three best styles of Kung Fu that he had met during his life (Shaolin Wuxingquan 少林 五星 拳, Wing Chun and Taijiquan) by the master Tien Shih Liu Xi Fong which around 70 configure a set of theoretical principles and practical which allowed the assimilation of the ancient Kung Fu styles he had learned in his youth.


Ta Fang Tao Kung Fu - 3 taolu di base


Forma di Spada Ta Fang Tao Kung Fu


M Jaime Luis Vizconde - Ta Fang Tao Kung Fu


Tecniche Palmo di Tigre


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