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Tong Bei Quan (通背拳 tongbèiquán; literally "Spreading Power from the Back Boxing", as tong means "through," bei means "back" and quan means "fist") is a school of martial arts popular in northern China. Tongbeiquan's basic precepts are Taoist in nature and many of the training methods in Tongbeiquan are similar to those of the internal styles. In traditional Tongbeiquan training, several parts are included: basic training (stance, arm techniques, leg techniques and conditioning), combinations, forms training, two-person free sparring, weapons training, and qigong training.
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• Qi Xin’s Lao Qi Pai basic training is based on 108 single methods, sometimes called Chai Quan ("Divided Fists").
• Qi Taichang's Shao Qi Pai variant is based on continuous using of the five kinds of palm strikes. Each kind of strike is correlated with one of the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire), hence Shao Qi Pai is also called Wu Xing Tongbeiquan ("Five Elements Tongbeiquan").
• There are 6 basic sets of Shao Qi Pai Tongbeiquan.
• Da Peng Zhang Yi ("Great bird spreads its wings")

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