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Five Ancestors Fist - Wuzu Quan or Five_Ancestors
There are two versions of Wuzuquan’s history, with some putting the founding of the art around 1300 AD, while others put it as late as the 19th century. Five Ancestors has been attributed variously to Chua Giok Beng (蔡玉明 -or- 蔡玉鳴) (pinyin: Cài Yùmíng) of Jinjiang near Quanzhou in Fujian in the second half of the 19th century or to Bái Yùfeng, a famous 13th century monk from the original Henan Shaolin Temple in the North of China to whom Five Animals style and Hó ngquán (洪拳) have also been attributed. The Bai branch has most of the history, principles and execution very differently than the other branches who are more familiar to each other.

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Is a Southern Chinese martial art that consists of techniques from five styles
• the breathing methods and iron body of Da mo
• the posture and dynamic power of Luohan
• the precision and efficient movement of Emperor Taizu
• the hand techniques and the complementary softness and hardness of Fujian White Crane
• the agility and footwork of Monkey

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Kwan Dao Wuzuquan


Wuzu Quan - 5 Ancestors Boxing - [ 五祖拳 ]


Wu Zu Quan / 5 Ancestors Boxing


Wuzuquan (Ngo Cho Kun) - Chong Hap Kun


5 Ancestors Boxing / Wuzu Quan [五祖拳]


Wu Zu Quan (ngo cho kun)


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