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Yau Kung Moon (also Yau Kung Mun and YKM) (traditional Chinese: 柔功門; simplified Chinese: 柔功门; pinyin: Ru Gong Mn; Jyutping: Jau4 Gung1 Mun4.
Is a Southern Chinese martial art that originated in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) with a Shaolin monk named Ding Yang (~800 CE) and is closely related to Bak Mei.
The Chinese term, 柔功門, can be roughly translated as "the style of flexible power". The Hong Kong and US schools usually use the romanization "Yau Kung Moon" or "Yau Kung Mon", whereas the Australian schools use the romanization "Yau Kung Mun".

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The Yau Kung Moon System is representative of southern styles in being based on a low, stable horse stance. It employs many upper body techniques and most kicks are kept low. The YKM stance resembles the familiar "ding gee ma" or Kung-Fu side horse but back arch is more pronounced and the shoulders are thrown forward with arms and hands protecting the chest and groin area. Defense is natural since the critical areas of the body are behind the protective wall of the shoulders and arms. Kicks or punches delivered within range of the practitioner would still be out of range of vital areas.
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