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Ying Zhao Quan also Eagle Claw (Chinese: 鷹爪派; pinyin: yīng zhǎo pài)
While the details of the history alter according to the teller, with names and places shifting as they tend to do in any oral history, in essence the story of Eagle Claw began in the Shaolin Temple and in Chinese military training, became a family tradition passed on from parent to child for generations and eventually shed its air of secrecy with the advent of public martial arts schools.

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Is a style of Chinese martial arts known for its gripping techniques, system of joint locks, takedowns, and pressure point strikes, which is representative of Chinese grappling known as Chin Na. The style is normally attributed to the famous patriotic Song Dynasty General Yue Fei. Popular legends states that he learned martial arts from a Shaolin Monk named Zhou Tong and later created Eagle Claw to help his armies combat the invading armies of the Jin Dynasty.
It was passed down until the Ming Dynasty when the monk Lai Chin combined the style with another form of boxing called Fanzi.

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Shaolin eagle-claw explosive kung fu (ying zhao pao quan)


Ying Zhao Quan (eagle claw) Wushu competition form


Shaolin Ying Zhao Quan


Wushu Ying Zhao Quan


鹰拳Ying Zhao Quan(Ying Quan)- Eagle Claw rows


eagle claw (ying zhao quan) + pu dao


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