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Yuejiaquan (岳家拳, literally Yue Family Fist, alternately Yue Ch'uan) is a style of Chinese martial arts attributed to Yue Fei, a noted General and patriot from the Song Dynasty.
The style is mentioned towards the end of Yue Fei's highly popular folklore biography The Story of Yue Fei published in 1684. In the novel, Yue Lei, Yue's second son, uses the style in a brawl against the martial instructor of a group of bandits who forcefully took over residence of a local Taoist temple to Lord Guan. During the fight, "The instructor went forward one step to catch up with Yue Lei. Yue Lei turned around and used his right hand to push away his opponent's two hands whilst using his left hand to give a push on the chest.

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Legend claims Yue taught the style to his soldiers who passed it down for generations after his death. It contains mostly military-oriented attacks, and is based primarily upon the principles of combining internal and external techniques, theory and application. Its various tricks stem from its principal philosophy of the positive and negative and the five elements of the heart, liver, lung, spleen and kidney in the human body.
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