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Ziranmen or Zi Ran Men (simplified Chinese: 自然门; traditional Chinese: 自然門; pinyin: zìránmén; Wade–Giles: tzu-jan men; literally "the ziran natural style"), also known as Natural Boxing, is a Northern internal style of kung fu that is taught in conjunction with Qigong breathing techniques. The style traces its lineage to Dwarf Xu, who based it on ancient Taoist philosophy. Du Xin Wu, the next bearer of the lineage, served as a bodyguard to Sun Yat-sen, then the provisional president of the Republic of China. Wu imparted his knowledge of "Natural Boxing" to his eldest son Du Xiu Si and Wan Laisheng, a prominent twentieth century martial artist.
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Initially, students learn particular forms and follow certain rules. Through practice, these movements progress from awkward to natural. When this level is reached, you can fight successfully.
The methods of Zi Ran Men combat follow the rules of nature - apply the techniques without thought, movements come from nothing.
When still, the stance resembles an ancient Chinese General holding a decree tablet. This is known as "Bao Bei Shou". When moving, the feet remain in the shape of the letter 'T' and the hands hold the form of "Ghost Hands".

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