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Tarung Derajat is a full body contact martial art from Indonesia, created by Haji Achmad Dradjat. He developed the techniques through his experience as a street fighter in the 1960s Bandung. Tarung Derajat is officially recognized as a national sport and used as a basic training by Indonesian Army. "Aku Ramah Bukan Berarti Takut, Aku Tunduk Bukan Berarti Takluk", which translates to "I am friendly but it does not mean I am afraid, I am reserved but it does not mean I surrender" in English. "BOX!" is the greeting of the brotherhood among Tarung Derajat member.
Tarung Derajat was created by Haji Achmad Dradjat. He grew up in a tough society in Bandung, where the youngsters were used to fighting on the street.

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Tarung Derajat emphasizes punching and kicking, but is not limited to these, as grappling and sweeping are also included in its training method.
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Tarung Derajat


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