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Genseiryū (玄制流) is a karate style with roots in Shuri-te, one of the three original karate styles of Okinawa Japan. It was developed by Seiken Shukumine (1925–2001) who combined classic techniques with his own innovations thus developing the special characteristics of Genseiryū. Shukumine had two known teachers, Sadoyama and Kishimoto. The name Genseiryū was first used in 1953. In Japanese the name consists of three different characters (kanji):玄制流.
The first is gen (玄) and means 'mysterious', 'occult', and 'universe' but also 'a subtle and deep truth'. The second is sei (制) and translates to 'control', 'system', 'law' or 'rule' but also 'creating a form.'

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Shukumine was also known as a philosopher and during the war he learned that to do something unanticipated or unexpected is the secret to victory, whether in a war between two nations or in a mere personal conflict. In other words: the basic philosophy of Genseiryū pursues this idea of doing the unexpected.
Shukumine ruminated on how to apply this idea not only to life but also to Genseiryū Karate and its kata. Eventually he created the basic theory of "Sen, Un, Hen, Nen and Ten." These are the basic principles that make of Genseiryū a three-dimensional karate style:

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