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Jūkendō (銃剣道) is the Japanese martial art of bayonet fighting, and has been likened to kendo (but with bayonets instead of swords). Jukendo techniques are based on sojutsu (spear fighting) or bayonet techniques from the 17th century, when firearms were introduced to Japan.
During the Meiji period, Japanese bayonet fighting techniques were consolidated into a system named jukenjitsu, and taught at the Toyama military academy in Tokyo. Morihei Ueshiba, founder of aikido, trained in jukenjitsu and incorporated some of that art into his own art.

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Modern jukendo uses a mokuju, a wooden replica of a rifle with an attached and blunted bayonet at the end, in place of an actual rifle. The art is practised by both Japanese military personnel and civilians. Training incorporates kata (patterns), two-person drills, and competitive matches using mokuju and protective armor. The three main target areas are the heart, throat, and lower left side of the opponent.
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