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Some refer to Shinwa Taido as an off shoot of Aikido and glossed over with no more consideration given to it. Actually the two arts were one and the same for quite a number of years and both were taught under the name of Aiki Budo. The people that most influenced Aikido also influenced Shinwa Taido. There has always been a tradition that (Hoken Inoue), the most senior student of Morihei Ueshiba was expected to become the next Doshu of Aikido since he was also related to him. The two arts and their respective founders are so intertwined that it becomes necessary to unwind them to understand the history Shinwa Taido. It is also helpful to understand the make-up of Japanese customs and society to understand what transpired during the formative years of these arts.
The logical starting place is with the founder of Shinwa Taido, Hoken Inoue. He was born in 1902, in Wakayama Prefecture into a wealthy family. During the course of his life, in accordance with Japanese tradition he was to change his first name several times. We know him as Hoken but he has also gone by the names of Kitamatsumuru, Yoichiro, Yoshiharu, Seisho, Teruyoshi, and finally Noriaki. His mother was the oldest sister of Morihei Ueshiba who also lived in Wakayama Prefecture at that time. Inoue's first experience with the martial arts was at the age of ten, when at the urging of his grandfather, he, his brothers and uncle studied judo for a short time.


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