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Yoseikan Budo (養正館武道) may be classified as a sogo budo form (総合武道 (そうごうぶどう) lit. "composite" or "comprehensive" martial art), but is used here to indicate a martial art into which various martial ways have been integrated. It is probably most widely known for its connection to a pre-war style of aikido; however, it has important connections to judo, karate, western boxing and a raditional form of Japanese armed combat known as Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu.
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Yoseikan practitioners under Mochizuki Minoru were required to do a considerable amount of cross training in order to gain teaching credentials. This included gaining a minimum of a blackbelt in judo in addition to training in aikido, karate and Katori Shinto Ryu. Techniques found in jojutsu and iaido were also included.
The following a sampling of some the techniques practised in Mochizuki's original basic curriculum:
Basic forms of striking (karate based)
Footwork (taisabaki)

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Yoseikan Budo


Yoseikan Budo enchainement / landoli / training


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Yoseikan Budo : Kyoei Randori


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Yoseikan Budo


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