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Han Mu Do, founded by Dr. He-Young Kimm, is a martial arts system consisting of the study of empty hand techniques, the study of weapons, the study of ki, and the study of martial arts philosophy.
Dr. Kimm integrated the techniques and philosophies of various Korean martial arts systems, most founded in the 1950s, with new techniques into a single system. Han Mu Do was not the original name of the art. The first name, recommended by Suh In-hyuk because it had been popular in the 1950s, was Yuh Kwon Sul which means "Art of Throws and Punches." For a while, it was called Han Mu Yuh Kwon Sul, a name favoured by Ji Han Jae which means the "Korean Martial Art of Throws and Punches."

Hanmudo is a Korean martial art that is considered a "cousin" of Hapkido. Whereas Hapkido is aggressive and harder, Hanmudo can be less aggressive if need be, basically following the same tenet as Han Tae Geuk, commonly known as Korean Tai Chi. For instance, a lock applied in Hapkido is usually followed by a swift, hard forward motion in order to hurl or take down an opponent. Hanmudo, on the other hand, can use a pulling action together with a downward motion. This Hanmudo series of smooth motions allows for the execution of other techniques. In blocking and attacking movements, the Hanmudo motion follows the infinity sign. Another difference between Hanmudo and Hapkido is in the hand techniques.




Korean Martial arts - Hanmudo Sparring demo


Baton Rouge Han Mu Do Demo (kick defense)


This is original HanMooDo(HanMuDo)


Dae Han Mu-Do-Kwan (well-being sports)


Hanmudo martial arts lesson


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