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Hup Kwon Do, founded by Lim Ching Sing was developed from Taekwondo. He left his original teacher Choi Hong Hi and became affiliated with Choi Kwang Do whose style was more fluid than Taekwondo. Hupkwondo is a synthesis of what he learned from these men.
HupKwonDo is as deadly and as delicate as nature itself. It is as exquisite as a flower, as beauiful as ballet, as natural as breathing in and out.
Hup Kwon Do takes the techniques we learned in Taekwon-do and refines and expands upon them to give us a unique new high energy system of exercise, personal development and practical self-defence training for real life in our fast paced, high stress modern world.

The techniques and training methods of HupKwonDo are not just designed to look good in demonstrations or score points in the competitive arena. They are designed for real life, for your whole life. They will help you keep fit and feel good about yourself. In the unlikely event that you are physically threatened, they will hone your reactions and equip you to avoid, deflect, escape and, if necessary, to strike back quickly, effectively and with devastating power. Our fluid movements replace traditional stances and full extension kicks and punches with smoother, more natural, practical, follow through techniques without sacrificing power or effectiveness.


Alex's Senior White Belt Test 7-17-2010 - Hup Kwon Do


Hup Kwon Do Cement Block Breaks


Maddox in Hup Kwon Do class


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...soon online!!!

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