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Kyeok Too Ki was the beginning of the 1970s by Grand Master Yun Sae-kwon (9th Dan, Hapkido developed November 6, 2013). It is to this day constantly evolving.
Traditional martial arts or combat sports developed mostly as an independent, self-contained and disciplines each have their specific advantages and disadvantages. The basic idea of Kyeok Too Ki was to take over the advantages and positive aspects of the martial arts and to eliminate the disadvantages.
Kyeok Too Ki includes foot and striking techniques, locks and throwing techniques in self-defense, yoga, Qigong energy and breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and meditation in stillness and motion. Advanced students of Kyeok Too Ki learn beyond techniques and forms with the long sword (Katana), long and short stick, spear, Dan Bong, subjects (Tessenberg) and knife. Some weapons techniques were the Chinese Wushu borrowed.
Regular national and international competitions are held, in which - similar to the K-1 -Regelwerk - is fought in full contact.

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Kyeok-Too-Ki, Kyeoktooki, Hapkido




Kyeok Too Ki, 격투기,국무관


Kyuk Too Ki


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