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The Sib Pal Gi Association (십팔기협회 Dae Han Sibpalki Hyeop Hwe; also The Korea Sibpalki Association) is a Korean martial arts association established in 1981 under the leadership of Kim Kwang-Seok (Kim Gwang-suk 김광석; 金光錫, b. 1936, style name Haebeom). Sib Pal Ki (literally "eighteen skills") is a Korean term for "martial arts", either Chinese martial arts or Korean martial arts (as opposed to the Japanese martial arts introduced during the Japanese rule in Korea). Kim Kwang-Seok had opened a martial arts school in 1969, having studied martial arts during the late 1940s to early 1950s under one master Yun Myeong-Deok, first in a Taoist monastery at Mount Jiri in Korea's South Jeolla province, and during the Korean War relocating to Busan. He published four books on his system between 1987 and 2002.
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As with Martial Arts practices around the World, Korean Kumdo is imbued with cultural and philosophical thought of both current society and the historic past. In this way the sport aspects of Kumdo practice seek to build strong Character in its practitioners, while good Character in turn contributes to an ardent competitive spirit while respecting tenets of courtesy, respect, sportsmanship and fair-play. Though Kumdo is of modern vintage, Kumdo schools still invoke the "O-Gae" or "Five tenets" associated with the Silla kingdom of The Three Kingdoms Period. The modern rendition of this code is as follows.
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Martial spirit of the Joseon: Sibpalki


Korean Martial Arts Sibpalki 1/3


Korean Martial Arts Sibpalki 2/3


Korean Martial Arts Sibpalki 3/3.mp4


Kung Fu Sib Pal Ki Examen cinturó marro´


Sibpalki demonstration at Namhansanseong Fortress - Hyeopdo


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