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Tukong Moosul (more accurately, Teuk-gong Musul, Korean , meaning literally “Special Forces Martial Art”) officially began as the self-defense system of the South Korean Special Forces. It is widely used by South Korean special warfare units, such as the elite 707 Special Mission Battalion. The roots of Tukong run much deeper, its origins can be traced back many generations, to the Dae Yeon Sa Temple in South Korea.
The martial artist practicing Tukong Moosul is trained in four areas, based upon the distance theory. The four areas include Throwing (leverage techniques), Punching (hand techniques), Kicking (foot techniques), and Weapons (extended body techniques).

- Basic physical conditioning to optimize the human body’s condition
- Advanced physical conditioning utilizing acupressure and acupuncture
- Basic and advanced body movements in forms and steps
- Traditional and modern weaponry
- Basic and advanced Ip-sun (Tai Chi)
- Ki Kong (Ki Energy) Training
Wonik Yi was granted the 9th degree designation, which is the ultimate degree in martial arts, by his master, Eun Kwang Bupsa, before he died in 1996. Yi also holds a doctorate degree in education.


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...soon online!!!

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