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Lian padukan is an offensive style of silat that specialises in close-range striking. It is one of Malaysia's biggest silat schools and also the most well-known variant of lian or buah pukul. Because of their shared Yunnan origin, lian padukan is very similar to Chinese Wing Chun.
The origin of the term lian padukan is uncertain. The word lian can either be translated as "game" or "way". Padukan is usually said to derive from paduka meaning royal because the art was originally taught to palace guards and other nobility. Another theory is that it is a combination of the words pukulan (hit) and aduk (mix).

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Unlike most styles of silat, lian padukan is offensive and teaches students to advance before the opponent makes a move. Once the fighter closes in on the opponent, they attack with a continuous combination of hand, foot, elbow, and knee strikes until the enemy has been subdued. All styles of buah pukul contain four main techniques called jurus which introduce the use of punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes. Lian padukan further includes the knife-hand as one of its primary attacks. The most basic strike is the polek, a hand-strike in which one hand attacks while the other pulls down the opponent's blocking arm.
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