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Seni Gayung Fatani is a style of silat from Malaysia based on joint-locking techniques. In Malay, the word seni means art and gayung or gayong is a word for martial arts, synonymous with silat. Fatani means wise in Arabic and was chosen in 1976 because of its similarity to Pattani, the kingdom from where the art originated. The current grandmaster is Tuan Guru Aminuddin Haji Anuar.
Seni Gayung Fatani originated in Pattani, Thailand before being brought to Kedah, Malaysia in 1840 by Syeikh Abdul Rahman. The style was expanded upon by his son Tok Yah Ramli.
Another of Abdul Rahman's students was Pak Teh Mat Ali who taught this style to Pak Andak Embong who in turn passed it down to Tuan Guru Anuar Abdul Wahab.

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The new syllabus outlined by Tuan Haji Anuar has seven different levels. Each level teaches techniques of its own while maintaining the same basic form. Some of these are:
Bunga Silat - Bunga means the basis of silat movements which consists of seven langkah (steps), seven kuda-kuda (stances) and seven limbai (hand positions). The Bunga will help the silat exponent to master the defensive and striking position in silat. There are some silat vocabularies that one needs to understand in order to master the whole concept of bunga silat.

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Pencak Silat - Jurus Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia - France


Pencak Silat - Seni Gayung Fatani - Jakarta 1992


Silat Seni Gayung Fatani


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Silat Fight (Perisai Diri / Seni Gayung Fatani)


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