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Bando is a defensive unarmed martial art from Myanmar. Bando is sometimes mistakenly used as a generic word for all Burmese martial arts but it is actually just one system, while Burmese fighting systems collectively are referred to as thaing.
Bando was introduced to Europe in the early 1960s by U Hla Win, who emigrated to England and opened several teaching schools bando and lethwei in the Liverpool area. It was later introduced to France, Switzerland and Spain by the American instructor Jonathan Collins in late 1986.

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Bando emphasises defense as the best offense by leaving the initiative to the opponent and relying heavily on counter-maneuvers. Once the threat has been evaluated it is possible to respond with an appropriate counter, so too is destroying the opponent's weapon. If the adversary's hand or foot is broken for example, the conflict is effectively ended. Typically, a bando exponent will first withdraw before beginning the counter-strike followed by grappling or locking. The head, shoulder, elbow, knee, and foot are all used for offensive purposes. Close-quarter combat is favoured.
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