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Coreeda is a style of Folk wrestling practiced in Australia and is based on Aboriginal combat sports that existed in the pre-colonial period before the 19th century.
Although centered mainly in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, new Coreeda clubs have recently been formed in Bourke (Western NSW), Melbourne and on the Gold Coast with other new ones planned for Adelaide, Broome and Canberra.Combining the movements of the traditional kangaroo dance as a warm up ritual, with a style of wrestling that utilizes a yellow 4.5m diameter circle that has black and red borders (similar to the Aboriginal flag), Coreeda is often compared to sports as diverse as Capoeira and Sumo.

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Coreeda wrestlers often participate in other styles of Folk Wrestling practiced in Australia at ethnic community festivals, such as Korean Ssireum, Turkish Yagli Gures, Celtic Wrestling, Russian Sambo and have even represented Australia at international Sumo tournaments. Most recently Shane Parker, who began his coreeda training in childhood, competed at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games for the Australian Greco-Roman Wrestling teamand it is an important part of the philosophy of the sport that Coreeda wrestlers regularly test themselves in other styles of wrestling, believing that this promotes world peace.
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