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Zen Do Kai is a freestyle martial art system which was developed in Australia in 1970 by Bob Jones. The style was founded by Jones and Richard Norton when they left the Japanese Goju Kai karate dojo of Tino Ceberano.
Jones opened his first Zen Do Kai martial arts club at 48 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. It was originally intended to cater for those who worked in the security industry with Jones. It is a martial arts system which has evolved over the past three decades.

Zen Do Kai uses katas as a form of discipline during training and these katas have been selected for the aid in rudimentary development of stances and techniques. Zen Do Kai also places a large emphasis on grabs and holds and other general close combat and ground fighting techniques which leads many people to consider Zen Do Kai a martial art very well suited to practical defence situations.


Zen Do Kai - Lull Before the Storm


Zen Do Kai 40th Anniversary Grading


Zen Do Kai State Training May 2010


Zen Do Kai (NZ - BJC) Rotating Palms


Zen Do Kai 1st Dan Grading


Zen Do Kai 2006


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