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Angampora is a martial art from Sri Lanka. It combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise and meditation. Key components in angampora are: angam, which incorporates hand-to-hand fighting, and illangam, which uses indigenous weapons such as the ethunu kaduwa, staves, knives and swords. Another component known as maya angam, which uses spells and incantations as a fighting technique is also said to have existed. Its most distinct feature is the use of pressure point attacks to inflict pain or permanently paralyze the opponent. Fighters usually make use of both striking and grappling techniques, and fight until the opponent is caught in a submission lock that they cannot escape.
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The angam component is divided into three main disciplines, gataputtu (locks and grips), pora haramba (strikes and blocks) and maru kala (nerve point attacks). Gataputtu are placed on an opponent using the fighter's hands, legs or head. Pora Haramba include approximately eighteen forms of offensive strikes and seven of defensive blocks. Maru kala is the component that incorporates nerve-point attacks capable of inflicting pain on the opponent and also of causing serious injury.
Before a practice session starts, the student is expected to meditate and to offer merit to the master.
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