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As China turned to Communism, many forms of traditional Chinese arts were forbidden and destroyed. During the Cultural Revolution, thousands of schools and written documents were burned, and the knowledge that had been accumulated for so many generations was retained by only a handful of masters in hiding. The arts that survived this era were scattered far and wide, hidden, practiced in secret, and taught only the most trusted of individuals. The island of Taiwan became a safe haven for martial artists fleeing from the chaos in China. Taiwan provided a location for the arts to grow new roots and flourish once again. In Taiwan, Dr. Yang had the opportunity to train and study under three traditional masters. During some seasons, Dr. Yang would train for 6 hours per day. Today, Dr. Yang is looking to preserve this authentic legacy and lineage through the YMAA Retreat Center.



Traditional Taiwanese Martial Arts


Traditional Taiwanese Martial Arts 2


Traditional Martial Arts on Show in Taiwan


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