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Lerdrit (Thai: เลิศฤทธ) is a Thai martial art taught and used by the Royal Thai Army. Muay Lert Rit (or Lerdit) is a style of fighting derived from Thai Martial Arts (Muay Boran). A selection was made among the very large portfolio of techniques already available in the different styles and adapted to close combat. Many of the technique can be used very close or taken directly from the Mae Mai (Standard techniques for bare hand fighting) or the Look Mai (Advanced fighting techniques). As with all military techniques, the goal is radical.
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As with all martial arts, many techniques involving various weapons of the body are used. The martial art uses an array of hand strikes, such as punches to the body, palm-strikes to the head, knife-hands and ear slaps. Kicks are also employed to the groin, ribs and legs. Grappling techniques that are not part of traditional Muay Thai martial arts are also taught mainly adapted from the MMA arena such as Double Leg Scoop and Outside Leg Trip throws. Weapon unarmed defences are similar to those from Krav Maga in particular the 360 degree defence against knives or clubs etc. Lerdrit continually evolves from training with other countries military forces.
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LERDRIT (Military Muay Thai)


"Тайские боевые системы" LERDRIT (Military Muay Thai)




Lerdrit Techniques


LERDRIT (тайские боевые системы)


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