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The Qwan Ki Do ( Quán khí đạo pronunciation in Vietnamese) is a ' martial art Sino - Vietnamese encoded by the Master Pham Xuan Tong . From a young age he was able to learn the style Vietnamese from his great-uncle Pham Tru and style Chinese by Master Chau Quan Ky (朱颧期, Zhu Quanji in Pinyin ). Master Chau met in his school styles: Kejiaquan (客家拳); some style emeiquan (峨眉派); Zhoujia Tanglangquan (周家螳螂拳) better known as Tanglangquan South; Thieu Lam Nam Phai (in Chinese Shaolin Nanpai,少林南派, see Nanquan / Quyen Nam) who turns out to be a set of exercises taken from different traditions of the South China typically Vietnamese.
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In 1981 , Pham Xuan Tong has created the Qwan Ki Do creating a new progression of study and the basic shapes that want to combine techniques in Chinese technical Vietnam, from the experience of Master Tong same. These new forms of Base also called Thao Quyen Tieu Mon (Literally sequences of Boxing Small Door) have these names: Cuu chan huyen cong Quyen mot; Cuu chan huyen cong quyen has; Cuu chan huyen cong Quyen ba; Cuu chan huyen cong Quyen bon; Quan ky nam; Quan Ky sau; Quan ky bay.
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elharda interviews master Pham Xuân Tong Qwan Ki Do...


...soon online!!!

...soon online!!!

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