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Selvforsvarsmaerket, It is a Danish system designed for self-defense. The intention is to reassure a person under duress iagtagelse of existing legislation in this area. It does not contain elements of martial arts (competitions) for trademark self-defense.
Students are taught self-defense Marked by the Danish Defense, the National Guard, Civil Defence and several schools.
The brand was born in 1956, when General Knud Janson founded this discipline together by a corresponding curriculum. Today Self Defense mark nationwide organization that instructors across the country.

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The teaching is based solely on defensive drills that are not a "discipline attack." The training was based on appeasing a person constriction.
Students of the curriculum, and when the student gradually considers fit to pass the test in their curriculum bronze, silver or gold-curriculum curriculum, he wondered for an examiner who evaluates and issues a certificate that the sample is completed and passed . Mark Self-defense is divided into bronze (first level), silver (second level), and gold (the third and highest level).

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