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Kas Pin is a Finnish martial art that has both weapon and empty-hand techniques. The history of Kas-pin is not very well known, and what little is known is generally disputed. Kas-pin has been passed down in the Valkonen family allegedly for 30 generations in Finland. Current generation family head is Kaarlo Valkonen, who lives in Hankasalmi and travels to teach his art in seminar format across the country.
Kas-pin also teaches fighting in different environments such as swamps and marshlands, rocks, dense forest, etc. Kas-pinís empty-handed techniques follow four principles: nerve strikes, Hipaisu (gentle touch), Enkelin kosketus (the touch of an Angel) and Nakymaton kasi (the invisible hand). The latter two cannot be taught by a person to another and are said to come to a studentís understanding when one is ready for them.

Kas-pinís techniques include many weapon techniques which are the basis of the art. Empty-handed techniques are taught as a secondary method to defend oneself. Kas-pin also incorporates an art of fighting in the dark called Riihioppi.


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